What’s wrong with PVC mat?

In general, all products and materials have their pros and cons. PVC soft mat is no exception. You can read about the attractiveness of the PVC mat here. However, we do have 2 major concerns on PVC mat regarding its environmental impact and its toxicity. There are reasons why all major Korea players are looking beyond PVC mats and into alternatives such as space folder mats and even silicone soft mats. Have you ever wondered why PVC mats cannot even penetrate lots of developed markets in Europe? And we are not even talking about phthalates.

As a distributor and a retailer, we do not want to be in anyone’s bad books (we sell PVC mats too!). At the same time, this site has been created to provide parents with the right advice, selection and product knowledge when it comes to buying play yards and play mats. That differentiates us from others! To strike a balance between these two, we have deleted the rest of this long article. After all, you can find anything that you want easily on the internet nowadays. Do not simply trust our words or others. We recommend you to google phrases such as ‘PVC plastic’s environmental impact’ or simply ‘PVC Toys’ if you are interested to understand why we are concern about PVC products!