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Just like so many other online baby stores and baby product inventions, our beginning was due to the arrival of our previous ones. His arrival forced us to search for items that we never had to deal with previously. Back then, it was so difficult and cumbersome finding the right products for our baby (I am sure many first-time parents will agree with both hands and legs!). None of us was born with a silver spoon in the mouth, so we weren’t looking for expensive products. Not that they are not good, but we need to spend our hard-earned money wisely. What we want for the baby was simple … reasonably priced, reliable, safe and quality products. Moreover, there were so many things (not that we never warn you) that we needed to be concerned of after his birth, which left us with little time and energies to comb all the shopping malls for the right baby products. We understand the frustration of not being able to find the right products for the little ones, especially during a time when we as parents should be more concerned about their health, hygiene, food and so many others. We hope that you don’t have to go through the same as what we did and can spend more quality time with your beloved little ones. That’s when we decided to start a one-stop baby retail shop selling essential baby products so that parents can shop easily and at their conveniences for baby products. That was back in 2007. What a naive idea! Customers liked our services but we just didn’t have anything to differentiate ourselves from others (you won’t believe how many similar shops there were until you are in this business)!

Although it was a painful (and costly) lesson, we learnt a lot and have since developed a good understanding of the business and what it takes to be successful. Simply put, you can’t be selling everything like everyone else without really mastering something. How many times had you come across a salesperson who lacked the right product knowledge and ended up providing wrong or irrelevant advice? So on our 2nd attempt, we decide to stay very focused and sell mainly 2 essential baby products – play yards and play mats. To keep pricing reasonably low, we know that we can’t simply be selling for others without holding distribution rights to any brand. During the past few years, we had traveled to many countries in search of the right products just for you. We were lucky (of course luck has to be part of it) to meet many reputable suppliers/brands in the process, and had since visited the factories of those that we are interested in. Those visits gave us rare opportunities to see how the products were manufactured and the assurances that these products are of the highest qualities. They also allowed us to strengthen our business relationship with the suppliers and provided us with vast product knowledge. We want ‘’ to be the go-to site for parents when purchasing play yards and play mats. We are glad that these new business strategies and directions work for us..

So why play yards and play mats? Simple! These are essential items for babies and they complement each other. A good play yard will provide parents with the peace of mind to be away for a short while, knowing that the baby is playing safely within a confined play zone. And since most play yards do not come with play mats, it is only logical for us to carry them too.

We hope that ‘’ will serve its purposes of providing parents with the right advice, selection and product knowledge when it comes to buying play yards and play mats for the babies. Our FAQ section, ‘How to choose a Play Yard’ article and ‘How to choose a Play Mat’ article have been written from scratch just to help you. We travel and work diligently to bring you the best quality play yards and play mats that are reliable, safe and yet affordable. We hope that you like these products and our services..

Please feel free to contact us if you have any question or concern about our products or services. We would love to receive suggestions on what other products or brands that we should be carrying in order to serve you better.

Enjoy shopping and happy parenting!


Yours sincerely,The Play Yard and Play Mat Team